Back on Track® Royal Horse / Equine Back Warmer – Black 100cm x 120cm


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As the standard back warmer was so popular amongst trainers and horse owners, it was natural for Back on Track® to introduce a new and improved version! This back warmer has a new quilted design and brand new soft as cloud material. This back warmer is shaped to fit the contour of your horses back perfectly, so the therapeutic Welltex™ fabric can be in even closer contact with the back of your horse. The material itself when in contact with the skin of your horse creates the FAR infrared waves which create soothing warmth to target pain and tension. This pad may provide with a relief for muscle strain, tired and injured backs. The length of this warmer is 120cm. There are keepers for the lunging girth (also known as surcingle) from both sides, so it can also provide a therapeutical effect while exercising!n